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Dongrui historical events, let you master the growth history of Dongrui


April 28, 2021 Dongrui shares IPO and listing on the main board of A shares


March Dongrui Meat Food Company was established

April Dongyuan Dongrui Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Company was established

September Dongrui Meat Food Company started construction

In October, Zijin Dongrui Agricultural Company started construction


March Provincial Modern Agricultural Industrial Park "Heyuan City (Dongrui) Pig Industrial Park"

In December, Zijin Dongrui Agricultural Company was established

Construction of the high-bed ecological breeding project started


April Guangdong Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Center

May Peace Dongrui was established

In June, the national livestock and poultry breeding waste resource utilization demonstration base for the combination of planting and breeding

Ministry of Agriculture Digital Agriculture Project Construction Qualification


Zijin Dongrui put into production

November Completed the shareholding system reform


In May, Longchuan Dongrui put into production

May National Pig Core Breeding Farm

November Heyuan City Agricultural Benchmarking Enterprise


In November, Dongrui brand live pigs won the honorary title of "Guangdong Famous Pig"


In March, the company headquarters moved to the current location

October "Ridekang" registered


In December, Ruichang Feed Company was completed and put into production

On the 28th, the first generation of Dongrui high-bed fermentation type ecological pig model production line

On December 31, Longchuan Dongrui Company started construction


Top 500 Agricultural Industrialization Projects

Famous Trademark of Guangdong Province


September National Leading Enterprise of Agricultural Industrialization


March Key Leading Enterprise in Guangdong Province

Passed the 1509001:2000 quality management system certification in May

Won the title of Guangdong Famous Brand Product for the first time


March company was established